Good for your home

One of the main indicators of hard water is limescale build up on showers, taps, kettles and water-using appliances around your home.

The battle against the visible limescale deposits can prove time-consuming and costly. But that’s only the chalk and limescale deposits that you can see in your home.

Hidden in Your Home

Hidden all around you in your water-using appliances, boilers and pipework chalk and limescale deposits build up. This not only effects the quality of your water but also shortens the working life of such items. In addition more energy is required to pump and heat the water as it moves around your home.

Installing a Soft Options water softener can reduce your energy costs as well as increasing the life of your expensive appliances by keeping your pipe work clear and keeping your home flowing. In addition a cost saving for detergents and cleaning products will be made as less is required.